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Step onto Spyndrift’s carousel of CABARET!

Spyndrift is a highly theatrical sextet, who plays an intoxicating range of musical styles from dub-ska to circus-cabaret. 

Their dynamic musical performance is complete with eccentric characters in lavish costumery and vintage-inspired props illuminating dancer and frontwoman Elle Wood’s enchanting and playful antics with twirling parasols and Parisian vaudevillian hi-jinx. Spyndrift fire the audience’s imagination with their fun style, original music and song crafting.

Spyndrift was born out of the Otways in 2004, and has a growing following after five consecutive years at Apollo Bay Music Festival, sell-out shows at The Butterfly Club, Folk Rhythm and Life Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Great Australian Beer Festival, and successful tours of the Victorian Goldfields in 2012 and the East Coast in 2013 and 2014, are well loved on the Festival circuit and celebrated for their feel-good, make-you-wanna-dance vibe.

Their film clips Like a Kyte and Pandoras Box illustrate the theatrical and playful nature of this act and what you can expect to see in their show.
Spyndrifts discography consists of ; Sound Swell (2007), Positive Charge (2010 )
most recently  “Wolfgang” ( 2016 ) first single from their up and coming EP “Vagabond Honey”!

Spyndrift brings a depth of musical colour and performance experience to the stage with more than 15 years in the music/performance industry.

Line up : Elle Wood (vox, ukulele) ,  Hoya Wolfgang (guitar, vox), Merin Trebilcock (bass), Vini Melzak (keyboard, melodica) Glenn Briody (drums)
Paul Winter (saxaphone).


Spyndrift Interview with Mick Griffin:

Spyndrift: naughty and exotic

30 April 2012, Bendigo Weekly

“Fabulously naughty, exotic and noisy Spyndrift is more than just a band, it’s a visual feast being served hot to the Goldfields this April and May.”

So states the sensational Spyndrift on their newly launched website, with dates in Bendigo, Hepburn Springs and Ballarat rapidly approaching as part of the band’s Follow the Yellow Brick Road tour, I caught up with front woman Elle Wood to discuss all things Spyndrift.

MICK: Can you please tell us Central Victorians a little about the origins of Spyndrift?

ELLE: Spyndrift formed in 2004 as a four piece, back then we were living by the ocean and got together regularly for jams. We shared a passion for creating diverse and vibrant music; we all had strong backgrounds in arts and culture, particularly in music, performance and dance. Vini joined us on keys five years later. 

MICK: Skankabaret, ska, groove, psychedelica? From my experience of seeing you play live and listening to your music I’d suggest that’s only the beginnings of trying to convey the Spyndrift sound. Is there anything else you’d like to add or elaborate on? 

ELLE: Spyndrift’s music traverses many flavours and genres. We coined the term “skankabaret” after developing a burlesque show; skank describes a style of music associated with reggae and ska originating in Jamaica. Expressive words like circus-cabaret and chunky reggae are also good. 

MICK: Who’s influence comes to the fore in the visual impact of Spyndrift’s performance? 

ELLE: That`s a hard question Mick. I think Spyndrift has a unique style. 18th century theatre, vaudeville, circus and cabaret are some of the things that inspire our creativity. 

MICK: For the uninitiated, can you try to conjure up a mental picture for readers as to what to expect at one of your shows? 

ELLE: The show is fun, cheeky and sassy; it’s a spectacle with a lot of raw energy. We like to rock it out heavy as well as keeping it playful and light. We revel in extremes and love getting our audience involved, interacting and out of their seats. 

MICK: I’ve touched on this with you in past conversation as to my frustrations in garnering fair and decent gigs for highly talented and professional musicians. What are your feelings and experiences in regards to this matter? 

ELLE: Unfortunately a lot of bands are prepared to play for little or no pay at all. This is great for venue owners, music lovers and budding artists to gain experience and confidence in a live setting, but sets a standard that makes it difficult for quality acts to get a fair price for shows. I feel in general there needs to be more value placed on quality live entertainment. 

MICK: So what does the near future hold for Spyndrift? 

ELLE: There’s a real momentum building behind Spyndrift at the moment. There have been some wonderful and prosperous connections behind the scenes leading to tours, film making and websites. We’re totally charged about the Follow the Yellow Brick Road Goldfields tour and if all goes well we want to make the region part of our regular circuit. We officially launched our website last week and the film clip Like a Kyte premiers late May. Both projects were seeded early last year so seeing them come to fruition is extremely rewarding and exciting… keep a lookout!

Spyndrift plays the Newmarket Hotel Bendigo on Saturday April 28 (from 9pm) with support from Joel English, the Old Hepburn Hotel on Sunday April 29 (from 3pm) and Portico on Sturt in Ballarat on Saturday May 5 (from 8pm) with support from Red Whyte.




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